About Me

Hi! I'm De -- that's short for DeVonna Joy -- and welcome to Carpe Vaswhere I write about my journey of seeking the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Seize the cup, baby!
One of my favorite little people
I am a wife, mom, "Gramma", sister, and friend. Like you, I struggle with all the same things every other woman battles. As a woman of faith dealing with the stuff of life, my relationship with Jesus Christ is what keeps me right-side-up. Through His eyes I see new horizons and potential where there were once shadows of disappointment, life-altering challenges and pain. In His presence I find the peace that holds me together and gives the strength to keep rising through the healing process... again and again. By studying His character I learn the beauty of embracing who He created me to be -- from the sometimes serious and contemplative, to the much preferred laughing-at-life version of an ordinary woman walking with God.
Hopefully whenever you drop by you feel free to share your thoughts, and that you take away a little of His goodness for your day. Quality time is my love-language, so your comments are like a visit around my kitchen table, with a perfect breeze blowing on a sun-shining-kind-of-a-day. 
 Carpe Vas!

~ De
Psalm 27:13

Psssst!  In August, 2012, my husband and I began a new journey in cross-cultural living and full-time ministry in northern Guatemala.  Crazy how 30+years, three kids and eight grandchildren into this journey we find ourselves on this path at this time, but we know it's what God wants and we look forward to whatever He has in store. I write for our  ministry updates over at Simply Serving . . . Pop on over and check it out.


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