August 3, 2012

Along the Way to There

Sunset on Lago Peten Itza


Not there.

Lost in a moment or not willing to move on. What kind of here?

Actively working away at the necessaries of today, knowing full well the tasks that must be completed before tomorrow. Here.

Enjoying life in the moment and living fully engaged, but with full awareness that the moments are fleeting. Here.

Willing to receive and release the beauty of each second as it breathes in this space. Here.

Or so caught up in the drive to reach what I strive for that I totally lose today?

Balanced between today and tomorrow, this second and the next is the place where I am and where You are, and together we move and breathe and I follow Your lead. I don’t want to be unwilling to move on… stuck in some place in time, but I want to live yielded to your Holy Spirit each and every minute so that when I find myself in the place of down the road, or around the next corner, or face-to-face-with-life-I-can’t-even-imagine-yet, I am still very much HERE… with You.

Fulfilled. Productive. Engaged. Alive. And all because of You.



Acts 17:28

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How about it friends? Where are you in the journey today?


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