August 18, 2012

S-T-R-E-T-C-H !

We’re on the home stretch! Monday our feet touch down on foreign soil – again--  only this time we’re staying for a while to serve and to work alongside others who have been working and serving others for a lifetime already.

Talk about feeling stretched right now. We’ve been looking forward to this target date, this major new step in life and direction for a long time, and it’s right around the corner. I anticipated challenges along the way, but I did not expect to juggle so many crazy emotions in the last couple of weeks before we leave! Can you relate?

You feel the impact of the next step even before it arrives, and part of you slightly recoils at the enormous amount of change just ahead.

You welcome the excitement of the experience, but know that this adventure will take you thinner and use up all the you there is to use in ways you never dreamed possible. And that just-not-knowing-thing is an irritating little beast conquered only by a disciplined focus on the One who knows all things.

You wonder if you have prepared well enough, and remember all the pulled muscles, awkward landings and fall-hard-on-your-face moments that go into a lifetime of simply trying to walk with God.

You try to ignore the unspoken question: Can I fill these shoes? – these brand new shoes with that delightful new-shoe-smell; these shoes that wear sore spots and blisters until the time of adjustment passes; these shoes that crowd out the comfy old flip-flops that slip on and off without a second thought.

You know there is grace to do what God has asked, but your heart still feels the pang when little ones whisper -- I don’t want you to leave. I wanna go with YOU!


So, you busy yourself with the packing list and what-if scenarios to distract your heart, and before you know it, you’re running on an exhilarating, exhausting, busy grace all pulled out of shape.


That’s where I am.

Happy. Excited. Anxious. Teary about things that women understand in the going and coming and transitions of life. Battling uncertainties and holding tight to His promises.


Yet in the midst of last-minute preparations and crazy emotions, there’s this place of peace that restores and renews and makes it possible to stretch a little further. Leaning on His strength reinforces tired faith fibers and revitalizes a spirit weighed down, and I delight to slip away in His grace and mercy -- always enough and fresh available each and every morning.

And so, with that reminder, I yield to the stretching and embrace it for all its worth, every exciting, rewarding, uncomfortable, heart-being-tugged-to-the-end-of-my-next-generation-mama-self-and-beyond, knowing that because of Christ… and only because of Christ… I can do this thing.




Where do you turn when life stretches you in new and challenging ways?


This post inspired by the Five Minute Friday writing prompt: Stretch.

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Five Minute Friday

August 3, 2012

Along the Way to There

Sunset on Lago Peten Itza


Not there.

Lost in a moment or not willing to move on. What kind of here?

Actively working away at the necessaries of today, knowing full well the tasks that must be completed before tomorrow. Here.

Enjoying life in the moment and living fully engaged, but with full awareness that the moments are fleeting. Here.

Willing to receive and release the beauty of each second as it breathes in this space. Here.

Or so caught up in the drive to reach what I strive for that I totally lose today?

Balanced between today and tomorrow, this second and the next is the place where I am and where You are, and together we move and breathe and I follow Your lead. I don’t want to be unwilling to move on… stuck in some place in time, but I want to live yielded to your Holy Spirit each and every minute so that when I find myself in the place of down the road, or around the next corner, or face-to-face-with-life-I-can’t-even-imagine-yet, I am still very much HERE… with You.

Fulfilled. Productive. Engaged. Alive. And all because of You.



Acts 17:28

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How about it friends? Where are you in the journey today?

August 1, 2012

When Life Brings a Blueberry Bumblebee

A Blueberry Bumblebee flew through my door on a breeze of delight, flying fast on strong borrowed wings. And time froze as life, pure and right, exploded in the place that busyness cannot comprehend.

The slip of paper, all full of to-do’s, falls to the floor, and nothing else matters except to follow quick and light and keep up with your happy buzz.

You flitter about in your jerk-weaving way, playing with sunbeams all dazzling and bright. Your eyes smile that smile that goes straight to my heart, then you fold your wings and knees tight to your chest and giggle so hard you can barely breathe.

And Life ruffles the air!

Your fat little thighs bulge from the hem of a blue-striped suit and boast of promise, of someday and soaring so high. And I see with new eyes as I play with you here and feel a fresh heart beating inside.

Each zig-zagging, wobbly move that you make brings a flood of encouragement and coaxing and praise, with no need to get anything right except the pure savoring of the moment. 



Not like before, when the demands of tending, and harvesting and storing stole away from sweet times to chase after bees in carefree play.

This patience is born of time flown by, and do-overs desired; from knowing how fast those blueberries fade and how bumblebees fly away when you’re busy trying to gather fruit amidst all the hum and the buzz… and…

Because little striped suits get packed away in dusty boxes, shuffled from place to place, until one day cast aside from decades of disuse. And life feels all stagnant and serious and dull.

Then here you come, on a smile-driven wind, to zip in and flit out in the blink of an eye. Only this time I follow and fly fast and high to that place …

…where watching you sleep is a soothing reprieve, a reminder that serenity can be found in the midst of an angry and vicious world, and that innocence is always worth fighting for;

… where no other accomplishment compares to the weightiest satisfaction of holding you now, lost in a second-chance moment;

… and I wish time would STOP right here at the threshold of my happy heart and not steal one more second of this perfect joy.

So, when life brings a Blueberry Bumblebee, I’ve learned to pause long and let some things wait, and to hold tenderly tight because years can just vanish in a day.

Then as the love and the ache all boil up inside and fall hot on your soft sleepy head, I snuggle you close just a few minutes more, and then open my heart so you can fly on… and on… and…

I smile as I watch you fast slip away to places where I cannot go, happy and thankful you stopped by to play,

My beautiful, Blueberry Bumblebee.


Because sometimes life brings an unexpected chance to love and to laugh and to smile… again.


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