July 30, 2012

Outside the Boundaries Within

Five Minute Friday


There’s this place you strive to get to that never seems to be there once you arrive. There’s no hint of the target anywhere in sight. But it’s not a place. Not really. It’s more a sense of awareness that you really are where you need to be even though you are so undone and incomplete, and you might not even like this place very much.

You spend so much time looking for something up ahead and down the road and all along the way, – something so beyond yourself -- that you stifle the beautiful well of His delight bubbling deep within.

Stop looking and reaching and striving and seeking. Look to Him and discover so much more beyond the boundaries of your limited understanding. Right here, the Master Creator God who lives within you and all around you, can’t wait to show you His wonders and goodness.

Here. Not somewhere else. Here in this place absent the distractions; absent the bindings and trappings of your own design, and free of self-imposed inhibitions that squelch His creativity -- tap into the potential you’ve yet to discover. The potential He designed within you. The potential that lies a dormant slave to fear of the not-quite-there-yet voice that says…  play it safe – you’re not ready – it’s not my time.

Reach beyond the limits of the you that you are comfortable with. Reach to the limits of all that He is and who you are IN HIM… and for a few untethered minutes… just color outside the lines.


How about it friends? What have you done to unlock the creative YOU lately?



I’m late getting this posted from last Friday’s “Five Minute Friday” free-writing-no-editing-let-it-flow-exercise for the word: Beyond. Click the Five Minute Friday button at the top to find the rules and to enjoy postings by other participants. Plus… if you want to give it a try, join in on the fun.


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