July 20, 2012


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When is enough... enough? When can I look at my life and feel satiated? Through human eyes and with human desires flooding my soul, the concept of reaching the point of completion or fullness is always just a little further than the here and now.

But this morning I paused. I stepped back and looked enough in the face even if just for a brief moment. It’s the awareness that my everything is found in something so much greater than I will ever be on my own. It’s in taking joy in the pleasure of the moment and savoring the memories and joys of the blessings of now.

Yes. The nowness. That word I self-invented for my 2012 year. The word almost forgotten in the busy rush of life that trips us up and dries our bones. Now, lost in the presence of the only One that matters, that’s where I find enough.

Enough to satisfy. Enough to quench the drive and silence the ever-nagging urgency to seek and search for anything more because all that I need is right here surrounding me with His presence. Filling my heart with all the joy and peace that makes the imperfections of living and being the me I don’t always like to see vanish in the greater goodness of who He is. And He is more than enough!
And then, when I turn to pick up that fussy little one, and I see his red-rimmed eyes and that clumsy little pudge-paw rubbing awkwardly at the sleepiness, my heart is ready to sit down in a rocking chair, to cuddle him close and let him enter the place of rest.

He settles against the front side of my squishy old arm, after a brief struggle, and buries his forehead against my chest in his five-month-old way. As security and safety overwhelm him, he is satiated with the contentment of being in the presence of one who comforts and soothes.

My time in Your presence is much like my sleepy Little One. That place where emptying myself in the fullness of You is more than enough.


Blessings to you, my friends. May your day be filled with the blessing of wholeness found in Christ.
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Five Minute Friday


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