May 9, 2012

Rainforests... here we come!

There has been a lot going on with this crazy writer of this weird little blog about seizing-the-cup and experiencing Life in Jesus Christ. My pen has been silent for a while, and I need to bring you up to speed:

The chapel at Hospital ShalomWe are returning to Guatemala to serve full-time with New Covenant World Missions and the ministry team at Hospital Shalom

Rainforest here we come! Suffocating humidity. Snakes. Big spiders. Scorpions. Howler monkeys. Banana trees. Little gecko's that bark in your room at night while gobbling up mosquitos and roaches. The five-minute-face, impossible hair, almost-always-ice-cold showers, and the never-quite-dry feel of a tropical wardrobe.
This would never have been our climate choice, but what we saw God doing in the hearts and lives of the people in this region stirred us like the promise of a refreshing breeze that evaporates the discomfort of soggy dampness and refreshes the spirit like a sudden, easy breath drawn by heavy-laden lungs.

Planning, preparation and language studies began immediately after we got home. 
I now have the equivalent Spanish skills of a pre-verbal Latin-American toddler! I totally get what it feels like to understand more of what I see than I can formulate into a coherent response.  Frustrating!  I guess this is a sign of progress?
The heart. How do I explain the way God seemed to instantly download a love for people so unique in experience, in life-perspective – in culture and practice – a love and compassion for men, women and children who have seen so much pain, so much war and heartache – who long for the assurance of lasting peace, quietude in spirit and rest from weary burdens? How do I convey God’s heart burning for them within us?

Ahhh… my pen. Our hands. Our feet. Stirred into action by the power of His love and by His Spirit, and so we go…
Artisan at Mayan ruins in Tikal

We are so overwhelmingly blessed by the many one-time gifts and your pledges of monthly support as your hearts have responded to God’s heart, and together we reach out to serve the people of northern Guatemala with the message of hope and healing through the ministry team of Hospital Shalom. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Simply serving…
De & Rod
Ephesians 1:17-19

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Oh, yes I DID!

Did I mention the big spiders? This one is just a baby… or so I was told!


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