April 7, 2012

Resurrection truth for children

I asked my children's Sunday School class of 4-6 year olds why we celebrate Christmas, and the first thing they shouted was PRESENTS! More recently, I asked them the same question about Easter. Their response -- EASTER EGGS! --- The Easter Bunny!

Wow. That was a jolt! The reality of their understanding opened my eyes to the fact that even among our most faithful, church-attending children, these are their first thoughts about the most precious Christian celebrations and traditions of our faith.

That's why when I saw this idea over at Ministry to Children, I just had to pass it along. I wish I had found it earlier, but it just hit my inbox this morning. I appreciate Bethany Tapp's creativity and hope you find it helpful as you minister to the precious little ones you serve in the body of Christ. If you have a similar tool you use, please leave a comment below. Let's keep working together to establish in our own hearts and in the hearts of our children the foundational truths of our heritage in Christ.

May you celebrate with joy the beauty of new life we have through faith in Jesus Christ as you reflect on the full revelation of God's mercy and grace given to us through the atoning work of the cross.


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