April 9, 2012

Reflections of His Goodness

Reflections 2005Your glory shines,
majestically displayed on earth and sky and waters still,

And heart cries out to Heart, Oh, Source of all this lovely, pure and good.

Your beauty sparks desire unquenchable and moves this heart to seek Your face,

To experience the hush of holy awe, and humbly mirror mercy received.

At times your Light falls gently on life’s waters smooth; unhindered,

Crater Lake reflections - 2005
And Reflector, tho’ in full view, lies cloaked, obscured by image born of Perfect beams.

 At times Your light falls hard upon these surfaces tossed by adverse winds, and

Marred, tho’ then Reflector be,
-- whether from that which lies aloft, or from that which protrudes from murky deep --

Your likeness, even then in shadowed distortion seen, beckons all to search for Beauty True;
                                                                                                        Eternal Light – Eternal Hope; 
                                                                                                        burst forth upon Reflector dimmed;
                                                                                                        Restore, renew, that all might see 
                                                                                                        pure reflections of Your Goodness.


What have you seen today that caused you to reflect on the Goodness of the Lord?


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