March 5, 2012

The Symphony of the Streets

The streets explode with the texture of sound, motion, color and the aromas of everyday life. Everywhere I look, progressiveness pushes and crowds to find its place amidst the methods and modes that characterize decades of life lived. With positive changes come the certainty of challenges played out in the struggle between the way of life that once was and that which seeks to be.

The Petén Region of Guatemala has seen a tremendous growth in infrastructure, and an influx of population as more and more rural dwellers move into or closer to the larger cities. Housing is crowded. Streets are chaotic. Highways are hazardous to pedestrians and motorists alike. Yet Life plays on through the skillful hands of the Master Orchestrator.

As change continues to advance, I wonder what impact it will have on the melody of life here? What expressive cultural themes will we hear repeated throughout the composition, and what new phrases will be introduced with the changing rhythm, tempo and key? Only God, our Ultimate Creator/Composer knows the sound of the finished masterpiece, but it is clear that it will sound different than it does today.

Music is alive like that ... fluid, flowing adjusting and changing... just like life itself.

Below is a little composition of photos I took to give you a sampling of the sounds of life played out each day on the roadways between our hotel and Hospital Shalom, or to other villages where our team worked and ministered while there. I don’t know what you will see ... or hear... when you look at these images, but I saw the inviting beauty of the deeply relational lifestyle that graces the Guatemalan culture, and I heard the resounding rhythm of the heart of The Composer everywhere I looked.

Pause your cursor over each photo for added descriptions and a few fun guessing games. Post your answers in the comments section.
Going to work? Or coming home?How much does it take to take a took-took?
Little on waiting in the family car.
Along the streets of San Benito, Guatemala
Where yummy happens! - San Benito
Busy streets - Santa Elena/San Benito Guatemala
Chicken is done. What is she making now?
The family business - fresh pineapple vendor - Guatemala
Midday -- can you find the sneaky siesta taker?
Un perro. Dos caballos. Can you guess?
Life spilling over.

God is at work in the hearts and lives of the people of Guatemala. Please pray that God would release the floodgates of His love and His Spirit on this nation. Pray that hearts would be open and ready to receive Him, and that avenues would be opened to reach into areas where entire villages remain secluded in self-protection and fear.


Post your guesses to the picture-guessing-game questions in the comments below. What questions, you ask?  Hover your cursor over the pictures to see the statements or quiz questions. 
Have fun!


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