February 2, 2012

Tripping around in Tikal…

Today we tour the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal. Throughout the Yucatan Peninsula –including Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and into Honduras there are numerous archaeological sites, ancient artifacts and reminders of a once thriving people.

The Mayans are known for their advanced use of mathematics, their knowledge of the precise workings of heavenly bodies, and their development of a very accurate calendar system including the dates and times of solar and lunar eclipses.


While I visit this place today my thoughts will reflect on what God wants for the current residents of Guatemala, the descendants and survivors of those who once lived and built these massive monuments now abandoned.

As I walk and observe, take pictures and drink it all in, I want to see more than cold lifeless reminders of the past. I want to see what God sees when he looks at the people living in this area today.


Currently on location with a construction missions team at Hospital Shalom, San Benito, Guatemala


Photo credits 1 & 2: SarahCorr
Photo credit 3: Heriberto Herrera

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