February 4, 2012

Homeward bound…

The trip is done. This morning we boarded the plane and are currently en route to the home front. Whew! Filled with more than words can express at the moment, I know it will take a few days to process all that we have seen, all that we have felt in our hearts, all the aches and sore muscles and good challenges that come from a trip of this nature.

We look forward to coming home, but a part of our hearts is still there in Guatemala with the friends we made at Hospital Shalom, with memories of those we met and had opportunity to minister to in the villages and markets, and with new brothers and sisters we discovered along the way. I can’t wait to tell you more.
“God, what are you doing? Show me your heart for the people of Guatemala… for the people in my own neighborhood. Thank you for showing Your great mercy and grace to us, and lavishing your love on all who look to You, on all who seek Your face and desire to know You.
Wonderful, amazing God.”

Struggling with their faith...
787805_preparing_a_fire_Qeqchi girls_boletin
Ambulance at Hospital Shalom

Photo credits 1-3: Heriberto Herrera
Photo credit 4: New Covenant World Missions


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