January 14, 2012

One week from today! Guatemala

I’m packing up our hotel room preparing to hit the road for HOME. This was a short work trip for my husband, and we delight to be home and in our home church tomorrow morning.

By this time seven days from today, we will be in mid-air on the way to Guatemala. I’m filled with anticipation, and excited to see the beauty that God sees when He looks upon the people He loves and knows so intimately. People whose ways and customs are so foreign to me, but whom I embrace with joy.

As I leave today to travel the five hours home, I pray these images will steal into your heart the same way they have slipped deeply into mine.
Lord, thank you for the opportunity to work alongside the people of Guatemala, to experience first-hand the beauty of their culture and land, and to share Your love with them.

rural Mayan kitchen
Vegetable market
Photo Credits:  Heriberto Herro


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