January 20, 2012

“A Night of Hope, A Day of Love”

Our team of eight will soon be on the ground in Guatemala, working on the second story building addition of Hospital Shalom. 

Hospital Shalom is a not-for-profit missionary hospital located in San Benito, Peten, Guatemala, five miles from the International Airport Mundo Maya and 35 miles from the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal. It opened in 2006 after a decade-long building project by New Covenant World Missions.

The work of the hospital is obvious, right? Medical care. Surgeries. Setting broken bones. A place for life to come forth. Sometimes a place for life to pass with grace and dignity after all else has been done.

Tim and Doris Spurrier, founders of Hospital Shalom are involved in more than medical missions work. This past Christmas, they worked with their local church pastor to address spiritual and physical needs of the poorest of the poor who live among smoldering garbage heaps in the San Benito city landfill.

People – children – left with no recourse in life except to inhabit a place that screams rejection … hopelessness… despair, while they sift survival from discarded shreds of things no longer valued. Yet, for one night, because people responded to the cry of God’s heart, not one child spent Christmas Eve sleeping in the dump.

See for yourself…

Tomorrow we leave for Hospital Shalom, and the beautiful people of the Petén Jungle Region of Guatemala!


How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. 
Romans 10:15


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