January 27, 2012

Going to Market -- Guatemalan Style

I love the colors, the texture, the sensory symphony of the Guatemalan market. The open air vendor stalls filled with deep reds, indigo, purple, yellow and teal delights. Fresh produce piled in baskets and boxes, heaped loosely on tables and hanging from posts vie for our attention and our dollars. Beautiful woven garments, blankets and handbags, all rich in texture, display the heritage and culture of the nation proudly.

The sounds of barter and trade echo through the narrow street as voices exchange and finally agree, while impatient animals protest and plead.

The smoke rises from a nearby open-air wood fire and mingles with the toasty aroma of something good -- tortillas, peppers and onions, perhaps? Everywhere – curious smiles of children stealing glances at us while moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas – beautiful people all busy and wrapped up in their everyday work, tend to life in the market.

787805_preparing_a_fire_Qeqchi girls_boletinGT_003_large Indian masks at market


Currently on location with a construction missions team at Hospital Shalom, San Benito, Guatemala

Photos 1, 5 & 6 credit: Marie Gemache
Photo 3 public domain/courtesy CIA website
Photos 2 & 4: Credit to Heriberto Herrera

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