December 30, 2011

Not your ordinary year end

I have been unusually quiet this month. Partly because when I write, I write from the heart... from my soul.  This month has taxed my heart deeply, and there simply are not many words right now.

Somehow, I think that's okay.

I don't have a grand year-end summation, nor do I offer you an inspiring or catchy cliche as you look forward to fresh beginnings in a new year. The only subject impressed on my heart is to live


Embrace the moments that make up each day. See God's goodness. Look for it, if you have to, but find it and enjoy it. Pass it on to someone else. Share His goodness, His life, His peace and His presence. Lose yourself in Him, and find Him with you as you go.


Yes, another year approaches. The mere marking of time -- as we know it -- time measured in increments we understand. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. They all start with a moment... tic ... tock.

Life happens in a moment.

ALL of life happens moment by moment. Yet if we are not careful, we miss so much by looking past the now... longing for some perceived grand experience down the road... somewhere... somehow... someday in the when and if only while the moments click by.

LIVE moment by moment. Now by now. Wherever you are, may you grasp the fullness of His grace and blessings.

"Happy Now-ness" to you, my friends.

Psalm 27:13


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