December 5, 2011

From a happy heart

Mail Call Monday again! I’m so blessed to have letters from my Compassion International sponsored children to share this week. My kiddos in India are really on a roll.

Mail Day

Gayatri wrote:
“I get the chance to write you this letter and became very happy.”
I picture her sitting in her project – probably on the floor – diligently drafting her correspondence and smiling because she gets to take part in letter writing day. When I sponsored Gayatri, she had been without a sponsor for well over a year. From her very first letter she expressed such delight over writing to me – her sponsor. To her a special privilege, this precious gift -- to write.

My heart smiles at the thought.

In her last two letters Gayatri talked about the Dasahara celebrations. This must be a very important event to her. I did a little research on-line about it when Vinay mentioned it in his last letter, but Gayatri’s personal description in this letter made me realize the importance of sharing my faith with the kids in our letter conversations. Not to mention how important my prayers are for them.

Gayatri told me:
“Our school closed for Dasahara vacation… for 10 days. Dasahara is a great festival of Hindu people. They make a statue like a goddess and bow down before her. They believe that she will give them protection during their danger.”
She asked if we have this festival in our country, and I’m glad she invited me to continue the dialogue. This is a wonderful opportunity, and I’m anxious to see what God prompts me to pen in reply.

Vinay also wrote last week saying,
“I am very happy to receive your loving letter.”
He continued his conversation with me about his house drawing from an earlier letter. He described typical homes in India including how basements are built of stone walls with stone floors, and explained the various roofing materials used such as thatch, asbestos sheets or concrete slabs. Then without a paragraph break he throws in:
“I love egg curry. We have it every Tuesday in our project."
This makes me laugh! I love how his letters flow in a wonderfully awkward way.

Over and over we read about how important our letters are to our sponsored children. I know they enjoy the sheets of stickers, a photo now and then, or other “goodies” we may tuck in the envelope, but what the children want most of all is simply to hear from us -- their sponsor.

A letter says, “You’re important. You’re loved. You are worth someone’s time.” Even more important, it galvanizes the message that God cares about them. What an opportunity to sow His love!

Gayatri closed:
“I am praying for you and your family. Please also pray for me and my family and my study. With lots of love,”
Vinay closed:
“Thank you so much for your love and care. Your loving child,”

Letters from happy hearts -- from those loved by His heart – received by this blessed heart.


Mail Call Monday inspired by Michelle at Blogging From the Boonies!


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