November 21, 2011

Your grateful daughter

SWEET TREAT! I returned home from first-birthday-celebration-travels to find three Compassion envelopes waiting for me. It sure helped take the sting out of the aching reminders of the Little Darlin’ I had to leave behind, down south.

Letters from my Compassion children always help me refocus on a purpose far greater than my present, and this was an extra necessary such time. ; )

So… what did I find in those vanilla colored envelopes?

From Carolyne in Kenya – She’s really opening up to us and sent a very newsy draft. She writes very well in English, so we get the added benefit of a longer letter – no wasted space for translation. Nice!

I love her opening greetings. This one said, “Receive Calvary greetings from me.”

She told me she bought some maize and a dress with a child gift we sent back in July. Though I’m more a jeans-and-sweatshirt-kinda gal these days, the mama’s heart in me still rejoices to near tears when my Compassion girls tell me they got a new dress. I can just imagine how special and pretty they feel, and it’s such a treasure to be able to do that for them with such a small gift.

Carolyne reports that she is doing well in school and will sit for her Kenyan International Training Centre papers this year. I am thrilled to hear about her great progress and success in her vocational program, but what blesses me even more is that she always mentions how thankful she is for salvation. She writes:
“I am still thanking God for the free life he has given unto me....”
She drew pictures of several items, which I think is her way of sending me a snapshot of her world. I love it.

Her signature line, however, went straight to my heart when she closed with the words,
“Your grateful daughter
I know from her profile bio that her mother is dead – I don’t know when or how. She lives with her grandparents and several other related children, and she has given no details about her family in her letters.

Yet she addressed herself to me as daughter…   grateful daughter.

Talk about refocusing on a purpose much greater than the littleness of my here-and-now. God has entrusted me with this young lady for this place in time – a spiritual daughter -- to pray for, to love and encourage in Jesus, just like I would one of my own.

Humbled and enriched.

~ De

Snapshots from Carolyne’s world.

Look for the second letter and updated child’s photo in a separate post.


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