November 10, 2011

Remain teachable–Proverbs 8

Today’s thoughts are from my readings back on November 8th in the Proverbs in 31 Days bible study -- hosted by Amy over at Mom’s Toolbox (click the links at the bottom of this post to hop over to her blog and check out her posts, too).

This is the verse that popped out at me.

Scripture – Proverbs 8:33
“Hear instruction and be wise, and do not disdain it.”
Remain teachable and humbly accept the lessons God has for me.
To hear God, I must first tune out distractions so that my ears and my heart can receive the message He wants me to learn.

God is constantly teaching me through what I hear preached at church or shared in my bible study group or in conversations with friends. He also provides instruction through the things I experience in life. He uses circumstances and situations to shape and mold me, to test and prove me, and to strengthen my faith in Him. He also teaches me about who He is through these lessons.

Some of the real-time lessons are easier learned than others. It’s important that I yield to the learning process and that I am open to what He teaches. This is how I grow in wisdom.

The test comes when I walk through the tough stuff of life and I still look for God in the midst of the trial. When I come away from these harder, hands-on-learning-labs with more of His truth evident in my life, and a greater understanding of His nature and character, that shows that I was paying attention to the teacher.


Lord, I'm so thankful that you love me enough to take the time to teach me what I need to know and to grow more like you.  Help me to receive your instruction with the right spirit, and continually help me to see your hand at work when I might otherwise miss the point.

~ De

What did you get out of today’s chapter?

I’m blogging through Proverbs in 31 Days along with Amy at Mom’s Toolbox.


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