November 30, 2011

Off the beaten path

My husband and I have very different ideas about how to do a road trip. He loves asphalt with nobody else in sight, windshield wipers beating time to good tunes, and open windows – no matter what temperature!

I enjoy getting out there and seeing the countryside, too, but I also value getting to a destination, spending some time exploring the area, and staying put in one spot long enough to savor the experience. Not to mention occasionally arriving with my hair intact.

Yet somehow, in spite of our different approaches to road-tripping, we manage to enjoy traveling together… most of the time. *smile*  
This we share: we love is to take the road less travelled and off-season is prime-time in our book.
So, I thought it might be fun today to simply share some snapshots I captured while we explored in our zany way during a recent road trip to Mississippi and back. I discovered a love for photographing old, rusty, authentic items from yesterday present, and God gave me some interesting little object lessons along the way -- I'll share more on those later.


~ De

Stumbling upon Sciple’s Water Mill on some red, dirt road north of Dekalb, MS 

CLOSED for repairs; nobody around ! ! !
But to our surprise ...

Sciple's Water Mill, Honor system store box
… an honor box filled with product and a hand-scrawled price list. Love it! And, no, my Mr. isn’t one of the old-rusty-authentic-from-yesterday-present items.    ; )

“Water Mill Opry” – across the dusty road from the shut down mill. The gas pumps were frozen at 95-9/10 cents per 1/2 Gallon!
Along Hwy 16 in Mississippi

Beautiful old farm building in late afternoon light -- somewhere along two-lane Hwy 16 between Dekalb and Philadelphia, MS.

Go ahead, step off the beaten path.

Even if you can’t get away on a mini-trip, you can still find new discoveries by simply looking at the ordinary with eyes of appreciation. There are object lessons all around.
Listen for what God might show you in what you observe, or through the interactions you may encounter with unique people (His treasures) along your way.


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