November 8, 2011

Of Doctors, Dasara, and Drums


Last week I received a letter from Vinay in India. In keeping with his style, his communication is short and sweet but full of insights into his life.

His favorite school subject is English. I can make out the printed words “quarterly exams” inserted within the lines of his artistic, Sanskrit-style (?) handwriting. I think he is practicing his English words to show me how well he is doing.

Vinay has one sister, and they live with their grandparents. This is new information that actually leaves me a bit confused. He mentioned his mother and father in an earlier letter. I don’t know IN4770040_Vinayif there has been a change in his family dynamics, or if there was an error in the earlier translation… or in my understanding. Anyway, this is something I want to follow up on in my response letter.

It was encouraging to read of his future dream to be a doctor and “serve the society.” I can see the future doctor standing here, can’t you?

His region observed the Dasara holidays, which is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. Click here for more info.

In my letter about favorite school subjects, I had shared with him about my life-long love of music, song-writing, and playing piano. He told me he  cannot sing, but that he likes to play the drums.
Gotta  love that!

I’ve always been fascinated by the sound of artistic percussion – (like STOMP – oh yeah!) – but even more so as the rhythmic support of a great praise and worship set that just puts us in motion.

As happy as I am for his vocational dream, I really pray he gets to use his love of rhythm to glorify God, and that the worshipper within him continues to blossom.

~ De

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