November 20, 2011

Kid Quips…

My two-year-old grandson Aiden smacked the bony part of his pudgy little foot against the rocking chair rung while playing ring around the rosy with Taffy the dog.

The shrieks and screams that immediately followed told me it was a good one, and I knew I had but a few seconds to gain control of the situation before he went into an inconsolable melt down.

“Show me exactly where it hurts,” I asked him calmly.

It seemed to be working. As I pointed to various spots on his foot and ankle, he stopped his wailing momentarily to let me know I was missing the BIG hurt.

Finally, exasperated with my not-so-clever distractions, he pushed my hand away with a series of frustrated “no’s” and pointed adamantly to the slightly reddened joint at the base of his big toe.

“Right there, Gramma! On my toe knee.”


~ De


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