November 4, 2011

Guard it well – Proverbs 4


I am following Amy at Mom’s Toolbox as she blogs through Proverbs in 31 Days. The approach is to read a chapter a day from Proverbs, and using her SOAP method for bible study, I’ll post thoughts about what stood out to me in the passage.

My disclaimer right up front is that I may not post something everyday, but I intend to journal the passage that stands out to me as I read daily through Proverbs this month. I encourage you join us and dig into God’s word, too.

So, here we go with the passage that spoke to me from Proverbs 4.

Scripture - Proverbs 4:13
“Hold on to instruction, do not let it go, guard it well for it is your LIFE.”
I must do everything I can to protect and maintain the things I learn from God’s word. There is an urgency in this passage that calls attention to my personal responsibility.

How many times have you “learned” something just long enough to pass a required test? Afterward, the knowledge quickly fades, replaced by a 1000 other pressing pieces of data screaming for space in your overloaded brain.

This passage says that holding onto what I’ve learned from God is LIFE to me. God’s instruction is spiritual survival.

Therefore, I must take care to internalize God’s truths and remember them for the long haul. I can’t do that without spending time in daily bible reading and study.

Reading alone won’t help me remember what I’ve learned unless I put it into practice on a regular basis. For example, as I practice the principle of extending grace and forgiveness – over and over again –  then sooner or later what I’ve learned spiritually begins to affect my nasty old inclindations to look-out-for-number-one.

To protect what I’ve learned – to guard it well (I love how that’s phrased) -- I must take steps to ensure that nothing dilutes or distorts God’s truth in my life.

How do you do that?
  1. Follow sound teaching on a regular basis
  2. Limit personal distractions
  3. Make room / create space
  4. Take the time to be taught / remain teachable!

Thank you, Father, that you care enough about me to remind me how important it is to apply myself to your instruction. Please give me the grace to grow humbly and help me to remain teachable.

What passage spoke to you in Proverbs chapter 4 today?

Click the link to Mom’s Toolbox Proverbs in 31 Days for today’s post, and read more spirit-led devotions from this passage.


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