November 5, 2011

Dad’s Watching–Proverbs 5

I'm linking up again today with Moms Toolbox and the Proverbs in 31 Days bible study using the SOAP Method. Grab a cup of coffee and join me. Here’s what stood out to me in the chapter.

Scripture – Proverbs 5:21
“For a man’s ways are in full view of the Lord, and He examines all his paths.”
Nothing is hidden from God. Every essence of my being -- my thoughts, character, nature – my actions and inaction – every choice, and the innermost motives of my heart both good and bad – Me. I am an open book before Him.

There are no overlooked slip-ups. God doesn’t get distracted, yet he doesn't want me to think of him as some frightful, big-eye-in-the-sky.

In the context of the chapter, this verse warns me to stay true to right living. I am always in His presence – within His direct line of sight, and He is totally with me in the moment.

I see a corrective, a creative, and a comforting facet to the truths in this passage.

If I’m doing wrong, these truths are a sober reminder.
“Straighten up! Dad’s watching.”
If I’m doing right, these truths are the liberating voice of encouragement to keep it up.

“Give it your best shot! Dad’s watching!”

If I am scared, lonely, grieved, confused, lost, hungry, tired, struggling, these truths are like a soothing, warm-fuzzy blanket he wraps me in as he takes me into his strong, protective arms.

“Trust me. Everything’s going to be okay... Dad’s watching.”
Lord, I’m so glad that you see me completely. Nothing about me is a surprise to you, and you totally have my back. Show me where I’m messing up so I can improve and bring joy to your heart.

~ De


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