September 14, 2011

Round Trip to South America!

I received a letter from my Compassion International correspondence child Darwin. It included something that made a round-trip from the U.S. to Colombia and back again, and another adorable piece of children's artwork that just melts my heart. Why? Take a look.

First, I love that he drew his entire family -- he is one of four boys. That's got to be a busy household! *smile*

Second, look at the linear precision in how he sequenced the scene. His translator said that he is a child given to organization and collaboration, and he loves to help in the classroom. Love it! (I also learned in his letter that his favorite school subject is now physics.  Seriously! Physics? I'm impressed.)

Third, and the best part of this picture:  the stickers! I sent him the puppy stickers in one of his first letters, and he used them to draw a picture for me and send them back. Those little puppies and their bones made a round trip from the US to Colombia and back again with expression of love and care -- both ways.

God is so good. This is just one of the fun blessings of being a Compassion sponsor.


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  1. Aw, that is so sweet! Love it!!

    Our of all of our kids, we've only ever had one child send some stickers back on a later letter. It sure is special though. <3

  2. Michelle, I had forgotten I sent them to him, until I saw them on the drawing. Yes, so very special!

  3. Delightful! SO special! Your post reminds me I need to write to little Cesar in Colombia.

    I've been out of town and have a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Love it!


  4. Good to hear from you, Linda.

    BTW, the guest post at your blog on 9-14-11, "Dancing With God" by Diana Trautwein really touched my heart. I'll put the link here so others can enjoy it, too. ~De

  5. I love the drawing. Don't think I have ever had stickers come back either. My Julieta, also in Colombia, celebrated her 12th birthday on Wednesday, the 14th.

  6. Hi, garrysa, and Happy Birthday to Julieta! : )

  7. Love that it did a round trip, with love both ways! I've never had stickers come back, that I can think of. I always wonder what they do with them all, where they stick 'em, if they share them and with whom... A few of the kids mentioned sharing/trading with them. Love the careful and measured way he painstakingly drew his family and everything else, and especially LOVE the bone that randomly found itself in the "garden out back" :D The dogs will likely come back for it later, right? :D

  8. Oh, JD, I love your observation about the bone in the "garden out back." I laughed out loud when I read that! : )



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