September 25, 2011

Just talking tech. . .

I wanted to take a quick minute to update you on a few changes, tweaks and improvements here at the blog. 

First up, there are some cool new "Follow me here" buttons at the top of the right side bar.

Love 'em!

I've been looking the web over for a freebie source, and Michelle with Blogging from the Boonies shared the link in a discussion post at OurCompassion. Seriously, I am major green when it comes to installing widgets that go beyond a simple select and click process. HTML code? Forget it!  ---  But... I DID IT! 

Woo hoo! Learning and growing.

Next up is the new commenting system you'll find at the bottom of my posts. This is another feature I saw at BFTB. Then I noticed on recent visits to Compassion Can, and Compassion Family that JD and Jill were using the same format. I really like the layout and the way it structured the flow of the comments. So, you know me... the explorer kicked in. I found it. Tried it. Added it. 

Woo hoo #2!

For my bloggies, IntenseDebate was easy to set up and definitely worth checking out. Don't let the name scare you. It's really nice. I like the look of it as well as the reply format. PLUS... the little "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons that let you more easily engage. For my readers following by facebook or email, this would be similar to the "like" button on FB.  You can comment as a guest, so there is no need to set up an account. Super slick. I think you'll like how it functions, please give it a try.  : )

Other fun can be found in the "You might also like" section at the end of each post, powered by LinkWithin. This highlights other posts in the blog with similar content. Just click on the picture link and it will take you to a previous article.

Woo hoo #3!

More changes are coming as I learn more about Twitter and Google+ and layout design, and.... and... and. This blogging gig is definitely a work in process. (Huh?! Kinda like me.) It's been really fun researching and learning all these tweaks and tricks, but I still need some help with some stuff that's just bugging me like no other. For example:

  1. How do I get rid of the blank strips below the comment section and before the footer?
  2. How do I eliminate the gaps between my sections? 

I feel like I'm walking around with my fly open! *blush*  Can you help me out here?

Laughing as always.

~ De 

 Proverbs 17:22


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