August 25, 2011

I find great delight …

...  in the smell of autumn leaves on a cool, misty Fall day.

… in the way the night sky explodes through a simple pair of binoculars.

… in fresh insight from a bible passage I've read a thousand times.

… in witnessing the moment when cooked pudding thickens.

… in the peace that surrounds a sleeping baby.

... in the promise of life in the smell of freshly plowed fields.

... at the feel of rich, sun-warmed soil trickling through my fingers.

... in baby smiles and the uncontrollable giggles of small children.

... in a good cup of coffee.

... when I lose myself in God's presence.

... at the prospect of the unexplored path that beckons.

... in the birth of a new song in my spirit.

... in a job well done.

What brings you great delight? 

~ De

Photo credit:  OctaviusB


  1. Lovely thoughts and words, so refreshing.

    I find delight in looking deep into the heart of a flower and marveling at the way God so intricately designed it.

    I find delight in picking tomatoes and berries from the back garden, and asparagus, cukes, dill, basil, sage, and thyme.

    I find delight in the hope of soon re-experiencing fresh cool air after this hot, hot summer.

    Thanks for these moments spent pondering such delights.


  2. Linda, I love your list of delights. Yes! I'm right there with you on each of them. Thank you for helping the list grow.


  3. Oh so lovely a list, De! Thanks for the opportunity to lean my head back, close my eyes, and daydream about delights! Pam
    I find great delight in...
    ...reading blogs by other Christians
    ...pulling weeds out by the very roots
    ...sipping a cup of hot Monk's Blend tea
    ...kissing my cat in that very soft spot between his ears
    ...holding a sleeping baby
    ...lying in bed with my husband's arm around me
    ...dancing to praise music

  4. Pam, I love your thoughts! Thank you for sharing more delights for us to relish. I say "ahhhhh, yes" to everything on your list (except that I've never tried Monk's Blend tea... will have to look into that.) De



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