August 20, 2011

Children's Artwork From Around the World

Here are some fun examples of the wordless messages we receive from our Compassion International sponsored children. Each picture gives a unique glimpse into their perspective, their interests, their surroundings, and their personality. I really enjoy their little masterpieces!

Darwin, age 7 
The blue cloud, and the boy playing with his dog caught my eye first. My guess on the orange, yellow and purple building to the left, is that it represents the church where he attends the Compassion project. (??)

Jonathan, age 7
Look at the intensity in the way he colored the sun. He first drew the sun, colored the circle yellow, and then came back and colored around the sun with the orange. Maybe it was a really, really hot day. Green clouds! (that's a first).

Another picture from Jonathan
This picture is full of activity! LOVE the kite and the leash on the dog. I think the lines sticking up from their heads represents wind blown hair. What do you think? More blue clouds -- (can't help but smile). I notice that he drew people with smiling faces in both pictures. An encouraging sign.

Gayatri, age 10
The lacy floral pattern, and the colors she chose remind me of an embroidered tapestry. I received four letters from her in July/August this year, but this is my favorite of her drawings.  Her handwriting is also beautiful, and just as intricate as her artwork.

Each letter displays the children's developing writing skills, and for those with a bit of an artistic flare, more detail in their drawings, too.  Some of my older children have already abandoned crayons and markers for ink pens and words as they focus on perfecting the art of written communication. I celebrate the progress of the older children, and I look forward to a few more insightful drawings from the younger ones.

What wordless messages have you received from a special child in your life?



  1. Cesar, the boy I write to in Colombia, writes that as a sixth grader, he hopes to be one of the best students in his class. Good for him! (I realize this is not a "wordless" message, but it was a good one!)


  2. Linda,
    Cesar's words reflect such positive ambition, and the encouragement he feels to work at his studies. The feedback we get from the children -- whether directly through their words or through their pictures -- certainly warms the heart and fuels our prayers for them. Thanks for sharing.




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