June 25, 2011

Snapshots for Saturday. . .

Our family ventured out to the zoo this week, so I thought I would just share some pictures of our fun under the absolutely gorgeous, Missouri skies!

First thing up was the polar bear taking a rambunctious swim.  I snapped this just as he was about to break the surface of the water before he pushed off the glass to do a back flip & make another round.

Next, off to the Australia & Asian exhibits to see the wallaby, kangaroo, red pandas and the BIG Kitty Kitty! 

The Red Panda -- below.

After lunch and a little nap, Leila Grace was ready for more zoo fun!

The greatest surprise for me was the African exhibits.  I've seen them all before, but since I now correspond with two Compassion  kids from Kenya, one who speaks Kiswahili, this welcome sign really caught my eye. Note, the word "bomas" in Kiswahili means an African homestead.

The Kansas City Zoo has done a great job in trying to create as natural a feel as possible for the animals on display... at least throughout the African exhibits.  Every brushy turn throughout the Safari area helped me gain a better understanding for the wildlife and some of the terrain that my Kenya kiddos might see each day.

These huts look so much like the pictures Gakii has drawn for me in her letters.

Below is another type of home common to the nomadic Masaii peoples.  The Kenya Regional Country Newsletter I just received today from Compassion International highlighted this very people group, and talked about both of these kinds of houses.

Ant hills?

What trip to the zoo would be complete without this guy?

Or the King?

Some beautifully colored birds... like this saddle-billed stork below...

. . . or this deliciously cute little lovely, the name of which I failed to record. 

And wouldn't you know it.... the batteries ran out before I could capture the zebra, the playful hippos, the new baby giraffe, or the rhino... which some little guy behind me on the trail dubbed a triceratops.  It's as much fun listening to the children as it is seeing the sights!  Love it.

The weather was perfect, and the animals gave us quite a show.  Such a rare treat!

I think my Compassion kids will enjoy seeing some of these pictures, too.  Off to start creating some Zoo Scrapbooks to send them in their next letters.

Good day at the Zoo... wouldn't you agree, Leila?


  1. Hi, I found your blog through a comment you left yesterday or today on Rebecca's blog. I loved your pictures from the zoo of the Kenyan exhibit. You and I have lots of things in common! I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you better.


  2. @Linda... thanks for stopping by, and boy do we ever have some things in common! I'm heading over to your blogs to check them out now. ~De



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