May 7, 2011

Tag Alongs

Dad’s big old work boots were worn and dirty, and marked by the kind of creases that boasted unique familiarity with his stride. My little brother and I stood by watching as he laced up before heading back out the door to continue his chores. All it took was that twinkle in his blue eyes, a wink and a grin, and we knew we'd just been invited to tag along.

We followed close on his heels, my little brother pelting him with questions as we  scrambled to keep up, turning when he turned and falling all over each other when we misjudged his next move.  Soon we calmed down and fell in-step behind Dad, making our own little game out of trying to step exactly in each of his footprints.

The melody of his gait drew me along as I listened to the unfolding percussive rhythm of his walk. I was mesmerized by the muffled crunch of the gravel as it gave way beneath him, interspersed with scraping sounds as he walked across stepping stones and uneven slabs along the pathway. Even the hushed whispers of his feet gliding over the grass added to the texture of this unique little symphony. 

The change-up in tempo and the intensity of the sounds delighted me, and I scampered after him wanting nothing more than to stay close. I didn’t care where we were going or what we were doing. I didn’t have to know the when, why, or how.  It was enough for me just to be with my dad as he took care of the business of his day.

Sometimes I wonder if we need to re-think the phrase “following Jesus.” It seems to be the heart cry of every true believer, but sometimes we just make it so religious or complicated and “grown-up.” We ask too many questions that demand answers before action.  We try to figure out which way He's going to turn. We analyze and reason until we lose sight of how much fun it can be to just get to tag-along with Him as He carries out His purpose.

What depth of peace and security might we find as we abandon our own agendas and focus on watching and running after His feet?  What symphony in the Spirit might delight and replenish us as we listen for the sound of His very next step?

Father, please restore to my spirit 
the trusting heart of a child; 
a heart that simply delights 
in tagging along with You.  


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