May 27, 2011

Old House, Old Barn

Today's post is a guest contribution by Judith M. Rosenboom whose love of playing with words I deeply admire. The following piece was inspired as she watched a neighboring farm yield to the demands of a new section of highway.



Old house, old barn, grotesque and weak you stand
No longer brave against a summer storm.

Trembling, as men with pick and axe your plight make known
Strip planks of wood as beasts tear flesh from bone.

Closing In
Photo by Brenda Hollingsworth
Through skeletal loft BEAT ON relentless rain!
There was a time no entrance you could gain.

Barn . . .
Past defender of spring life . . . harvest grain.

Photo by Brenda Hollingsworth

Through house sides torn, oh wind, blow strong.
This privilege you have never known.
For house, then home, a refuge dear
From fate's ill winds stood firm, secure.

But as in the course of time when weak submit
That strong be stronger still,
For progress' sake, old house, old barn,
You, too, this role fulfill.


Photos copyrighted and used by permission. Enjoy Brenda's photostream here. 


  1. The "farm girl" in me really connected to this. Alan and I recently drove up to our old home place. It was bittersweet to see the house gone and the barn looking so old and neglected. The sweet part is possessing so many wonderful memories of having grown up there. So wish my kids could have had a taste of what that life was like!

  2. Hi, Brenda. I literally have to remind myself that my children and grandchildren have no concept of farm life... The sights, the smells (both good AND bad...), the sounds, the adventures, and the common bond rooted in faith in God, love of family and support of community. I'm very thankful for these experiences, and the unique memories, too. Thanks for stopping by. More farm tales to come.
    ~De :)



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